30 years of success

Our history

What originally inspired us was to provide a quality service to our primary UK clients in a more bespoke way.

Jonathan Punter Chief Executive, Punter Southall Group

After meeting as actuarial students in the early 80s, Jonathan Punter and Stuart Southall headed to the NatWest in Piccadilly in 1988 for a loan to start something new and different in financial services. Their vision was to offer a bespoke actuarial and pensions service that could be finely tuned and tailored to the complex financial needs of a range of different clients.

Over time, Jonathan and Stuart’s business grew into a range of different areas of financial expertise. They created and acquired a breadth of different businesses as clients sought their advice to solve different problems. As their skills, knowledge and experience grew, they were able to identify further opportunities for their clients to resolve issues, realise potential and add value by intelligently using people and technology.

Today, Punter Southall is a specialist advisory firm with expertise in wealth management, workplace savings, health and protection, and financial data with complementary services from pensions consultancy Xafinity Punter Southall.

The Group also invests in a number of complementary businesses, which you can find here.

Our clients now value us for coming up with solutions for their problems which are longer term

Stuart Southall Co-Founder and Principal, Punter Southall Group