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Marketing your pension scheme for buy-out

​With increasing numbers of pension schemes approaching the market, insurers are able to pick and choose a little more than they once could. We expect this trend to continue. This has meant an increasing challenge for smaller schemes to get engagement from insurers. Fewer insurers are now providing quotations for bulk annuities under £20 million so it has become more important than ever for schemes to present themselves to market as attractively as possible. Read the full briefing here.

Mortality rates lower last year than 2015

The Continuous Mortality Investigation (CMI) released the 2016 version of their model for projecting future improvements in longevity, CMI 2016, in March 2017. This version of the model allows for actual deaths up to the end of 2016 and projects lower future improvements in longevity than the 2015 version of the model. Read the full report here.