Daniel Adams

Welcome to the Revolution…

We live in a world today where we are inundated with information, a blessing and a curse. In fact, it was only three weeks ago at an excellent investment conference in the US, where I learned that 90% of the world’s data was created in the last two years, how incredibly staggering is that! I guess when you think it through, it stacks up. I probably receive around 400 emails a day, most of them can be “filed” in trash, but an important part of my job is to filter out the noise and discern what is actually valuable and what is not. It was during my efficient filing, that something quite obscure piqued my interest. It was embedded in a quarterly update we received from a US manager we currently invest with….Read more

Chris Parlour

Special steel?

Rumours abound once again that the Government are looking at a special deal for the British Steel Pension Scheme (“BSPS”) to try and save the 10,000 jobs at risk at Tata Steel.  Whilst discussions continue in India, no firm proposals are yet in the public domain, with Tata continuing to evaluate offers.  Our previous blog in early April covered the background to the BSPS and the uncertainty its members are faced with….Read more