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Pension hurdle for Premier Foods

The presence of an underfunded pension scheme is often cited as a potential “poison pill” defence in a takeover situation.  The recent offer for Premier Foods plc by McCormick & Company Inc has seen the pension scheme cited as both a reason for the takeover to proceed and a reason for it not to proceed!….Read more

Jacqui Woodward

Working over age 70 – The American Dream?

Much has been written about increasing longevity and the difference between the age individuals predict they will live to and their life expectancy as calculated based on mortality tables created by the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries’ Continuous Mortality Investigation.

However, I’m beginning to wonder whether the media is creating its own story with headlines such as this from the Daily Express today:…. Read more

Gilliam Graham

Leave or remain, new EU data protection laws may be with us either way

The long awaited General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has finally been agreed in principle, with regulations expected around June 2016.

As it applies directly to EU Member States, national legislation isn’t needed. Fortunately, we have two years to comply. Saying that, we all know how quickly a couple of years go by so pension trustees should get up to speed on the new regulations sooner rather than later…..read more